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<< A good design speaks for itself... 

But without advertising, it is a dialogue for the deaf. >>

Lynn S. Hamdan

Walls & Backdrops

Backdrop for First Lady of the United States's "Let Girls Learn" Campaign - World Bank- IMF Spring Meetings 2016
backdrop pic
FLOTUS backdrop_12'x24' nobleed_preview
Paravision Wallpapers ads

Corporate Wallpaper ads displayed at Burj el Arab in Dubai, UAE.


The first wallpaper is a corporate ad displaying the "V" of Paravision in a pixel shaped design, along with the services this multimedia agency provides highlighting in red the agency's impact and spreading to the world while preserving its corporate colors.


The second wallpaper below displays Paravision's worldwide presence through the manipulated photos highlighting in red their services and location.

It was divided to wrap three juxtaposed walls. 


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