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<< A good design speaks for itself... 

But without advertising, it is a dialogue for the deaf. >>

Lynn S. Hamdan


 I also love advertising. Find below a series of campaigns with their explanation. Hope you'll enjoy them!

#1 Prize Award "Go Green!"


Awareness Campaign contest for Water Preservation.


The human body contains 70% of water. If we don't preserve this water essential for the human body, we will eventually dehydrate and die. We will "evaporate". This campaign underlines the importance of water by directly connecting it to us. If it is not well preserved, it will threaten our specie.


When the pamphlet is semi-opened, there is a direct connection between the term "water" and the term "yourself". There is strong awareness manifested through the important correlation between Water and the human body. 




Sabis Campaign



Magasine Ad: The little girl is pointing the chalk, explaining to us the Sabis increased network through a mathematical equation.

Billboard Ad: Sabis is the perfect place for a student to achieve his dreams and ambitions. It is a good environment that encourages you to aspire to anything you want to become. “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor…” Sabis gives to the student the power, the education, the freedom to realize his dreams (technically, materially, psychologically…)

The image of the little girl climbing on the chair, denotes courage. It gives her a position of leadership to confront the future. It also denotes a feeling of ascension and evolution towards her goals. 


Bus Ad: The campaign continues with the bus ad where the girl’s bag handle transforms itself into a seatbelt which brings back the notion of road safety to that of “security” and “promising future” provided by the Sabis education.




MeshMosh Orange sweets


Slogan: forget manners, indulge yourself



Long Yin Restaurant ad

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