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So much to say

Baker Act, Really?

In response to NBC News article:

" 6-year-old girl was committed to mental health facility without parent consent.

The mother said her daughter can tell her "bits and pieces" of what happened: "'Mommy, they locked the door. They wouldn't let me out. Mommy, they gave me a shot.'"

My thoughts on this:

Administering psychotics to kids without parental consent is unacceptable! I truly hope this allegation is false. There should be a thorough discussion with parents before any decision is made. 

The parents should also be informed before the child is taken away and should at least be given the option to pick up their child and deal with the situation hand in hand with the social worker and the mental health counselor before traumatizing the child and locking her/him in an enclosed room. The child will only grow up to be defensive and distrustful. Have some common sense people!

A parent knows his/her child best. Schools, social workers should work with parents hand in hand to help the child communicate her frustration.

Help kids with #ADHD strive. Teach them #SelfControl. encourage #BehavioralChange. Make #BehaviorTherapy more accessible to the public. Kids with disabilities should have an equal start. Not all parents can afford special needs schools properly equipped to help their kids strive.

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