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  • Lynn Saghir - Inter-American Development Bank

Jump Caribbean! Our Caribbean in 2040

Directed by Lynn Saghir, produced by District7Media

Imagine our Caribbean, our #OneCaribbean, becoming the world’s first climate-smart zone—a collection of economies that thrive on renewable energy – by applying technological innovations to confront the effects of climate change as well as creating spaces for the people of the Caribbean to be safe, productive and happy.

In the Caribbean of 2040, public policies are anchored in a sound institutional framework, citizens are encouraged to move freely, an improved rule of law is the norm, and the unique creativity and talents of our people is nurtured.

We can help shape these changes for our Caribbean. The choices we make today will write the history for tomorrow.

This is not the time to catch up.

Now is the time to jump.

Jump Caribbean!

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