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 << I sit as I watch all my years go by like a short animated movie>>

Lynn S. Hamdan

Gif Animations:

Campaign: From Digital Divide to Digital Dividends

3D Animation:

Dragonfly Queen
La Reine Libellule

Project: Travel vs. Online Chat

Audience: Global - Developed and Developing countries

My Role: Conceptualizing, designing and animating infographic

Comm. plan/platform: Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Party involved: Team Lead and previous Supervisor's approval.

Comm. Channels: Social Media - Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Results: Produced high results (engagement) on all Social channels.

Type: Soft Image 3D animation: Character building, Rendering, Animation & Camera work.

Audience: Kids and Teanagers

My Role: Conceptualized, Illustrated and animated (camera, movement & rendering).

Zika Virus Awareness Campaign

Type: Slideshow - Gif Animation

Audience: Global

My Role: Conceptualized, designed, & animated infographic slides 

Comm. plan/platform: Social Media

Party involved: WB ECRCC supervisor, Global editor, LAC Communication Producers & World Health Organization 

Result: WHO requested some changes, however management quickly decided to drop the project before implementing changes due to urgent priorities.

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